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i love these kids

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"I like your tat."

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Boy, a month in Europe with Elaine. That guy’s coming home in a body bag.

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In Twin Peaks, Lynch showed us our small-town nightmares and the darkness of human nature. Sherman-Palladino is clearly a fan of the show and Lynch’s work, and took his flights of fancy and weirdness to heart, creating her own out-of-this-world small town in Gilmore Girls. The two shows feel like cousins because they’re equally surprising; there’s not a formula that they’re following, a road that you’re confident that they’re going down. They both were obsessed with and loved the location and place. There’s a lightness to Gilmore Girls that isn’t in Twin Peaks, a case of sweetness versus horror, but at the end of the day, the takeaway is the same: it’s a strange world that we live in, and you’ve got to leave the small town before it changes you forever.

- Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks Are the Same Show – Flavorwire (via oldfilmsflicker)

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