Chris Cobb, an artist based in San Francisco, has created an amazing installation in bookshop called Adobe Books- he catalogued every single one of the 20,000 books by color. The project is titled There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World. They were arranged by hand over a 10 hour period, and he enlisted the help of 16 volunteers. Such beautiful results, they transformed the bookshop overnight.


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From Coleridge’s Notebooks, Summer 1811


From Coleridge’s Notebooks, Summer 1811


Knstrct: Libraries, ah!

  1. Stockholm Public Library | Olivier Charles (Concept)
  2. Stuttgart City Library| Yi Architects
  3. Selexyz Dominicanen |In Maastricht
  4. The Law Library of Munich

Stockholm Public Library: the place where nightmares are born.

Because they have an extensive horror section, and not because it looks like the first project Frank Gehry tackled after a bitter divorce.

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Spectacular Libraries in Europe. (via Mental Floss)

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