"I did it for me." Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle.

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Goosebumps. It’s so damn good.



fuck it.

One of the best-looking pizzas of ALL TIME.

The production designers were all: “How’s the size of the pizza, Vince?”

And Vince Gilligan was all:

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…Walt hasn’t taken the name Heisenberg as a way of giving props to a man he idolizes, Walt has taken the name of a principle he seeks to exemplify. He’s taken the name of the metaphysical truth he now embraces and embodies because Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle opens him up to the possibility that he wasn’t destined to be bad. Heisenberg allows Walt to believe that he chose to break bad and that he can chose to be good again. In the absence of a soul, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle opens Walt up to the possibility for redemption.

- Breaking Bad and Philosophy: Badder Living Through Chemistry | Darryl J. Murphy

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just Mike Ehrmantraut and Ron Swanson havin’ steaks

Parks and Rec tomorrow.
I can’t even.


just Mike Ehrmantraut and Ron Swanson havin’ steaks

Parks and Rec tomorrow.

I can’t even.

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2x11 — Mandala

With their number of dealers dwindling, Walt and Jesse are forced to consult the surprisingly well-connected Saul.

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I’m gonna do a bad job paraphrasing it, but one of the truest statements anyone’s ever said about Hollywood is, “Success in Hollywood doesn’t change you so much as it reveals who you really are, deep down inside.” That analogy could be applied to a lot of life-changing events. In the case of Walter White, finding out in that first episode that he’s dying of terminal cancer frees him, as he puts it. It means that he is now awake, and this awakening from sleepwalking through the first five decades of his life, this sudden lack of constraint or inhibition, allows him to be the person that he truly is. Unfortunately, the person that he truly is is most definitely not all good.

- Q&A: ‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Goes Deep on the Final Season | Rolling Stone | Brian Hiatt

The Pryce of DISH Network

Reasons Don Draper is furious with DISH Network:

  • DISH doesn’t respect the chemistry
  • DISH has no alibi the night Rosie Larsen was killed
  • DISH insists there’s no “Go Code” in the crossword puzzles
  • DISH infected the survivors
  • DISH chose hate because it’s so much easier
  • DISH is living like there’s no tomorrow — because there isn’t one

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